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Siousada Announcement


We would like to regretfully announce that the token swap exercise is not successful. We did not reach the minimum target amount which is USD3,000,000. Therefore, we shall refund all the cryptos sent to us.

Please email to [email protected] if you did not receive your crypto refund after 7 days of closing date.

We would like to thank everyone that has participated in the token swap exercise and the bounty participants. We shall send the SSD token to the bounty recipient within 7 days of the closing date.

We are planning to revamp our token swap program and will come back for another round of token swap. Until then, we would like to ask the SSD token recipient to wait until our next successful token swap before we can list the SSD token to the exchanger as planned. We shall announce our next token swap later.

Thank you everyone and see you soon.


Siousada is a Crypto Travel Portal which utilized blockchain technology to create a new business model for your travel arrangement. Siousada will put together your room and lodging, ground transport, leisure and adventure activities including meal arrangement in one portal. This will greatly ease the arrangement, scheduling and payment for the entire travel plan. It will be possible through the portal.
Be part of the community that helps build the siousada platfrom through our Token Swap Campaign. When you participate, you will receive the SSD token in exchange for the Cryptos sent. Our ratio is 1 SSD = 0.086 USD. All SSD tokens will be released 7 days after Token Swap campaign completed. Let's build this platform together!


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Introducing SSD Token Swap

Token Name Siousada (SSD)
Token Type Ethereum ERC20
Total Token Issued 1,000,000,000 Units
Mining No mining applicable
Token Distribution
Public/Token Swap 800,000,000SSD
Company 200,000,000SSD
Token Price
First 200,000,000 SSD 1 SSD = 0.063 USD
Next 200,000,000 SSD 1 SSD = 0.073 USD
Next 200,000,000 SSD 1 SSD = 0.079 USD
Next 200,000,000 SSD 1 SSD = 0.086 USD
Token Swap Target 3,000,000 USD min, 60,000,000 USD max
Token Transfer Tokens will be transferred 7 days after completion of Token Swap period for each batch
Token Swap Timeline
Token Swap Pre-Event 22 Sept 2017, UTC +08:00 – 28 Sept 2017, UTC +08:00
Token Swap Batch 1 29 Sept 2017, UTC +08:00 – 12 Oct 2017, UTC +08:00
Token Swap Batch 2 12 Oct 2017, UTC +08:00 – 26 Oct 2017, UTC +08:00



Advertisement, Education, Marketing and Sales


Portal and Content Development


Operations, Security


Legal, Financial, Audit, Compliance


Token Swap Pre-Event

Token Swap Event Start

SSD Token Issuance Batch 1

Token Swap Event End

SSD Token Issuance Batch 2

SSD Token Traded in Exchange

Project Development Starts

Portal Live & Onboarding Local Partners from Sabah

Onboarding Operators from Asia

Onboarding Operators from rest of the world


Chief Executive Officer
Passionate, creative and driven entrepreneur. He has more than 15 years of auditing, accounting and finance, turnaround management and strategic business value-adding advisory experience. He has experiences in industries such as Travel & Tours, Creative Products, IT & Telecommunication, Construction, Oil & Gas and others. His tasks are in business turnarounds, strategize and hive off loss making divisions, identifying and maximizing growth potential and achieve their objectives. His exposure had equipped the entrepreneurial passion in him.
Chief Marketing Officer
Enthusiastic and dedicated professional with intensive experience across all areas of marketing, business development, public relations & events. He has extensive experience in the marketing, customer and communication service industry at all levels; therefore his facilitation skills reflect reality using a gently humorous and common sense approach with plenty of opportunity for discussion, interaction and accelerated learning experiences. An exceptional leader with an ability to develop and motivate others to achieve targets, he demonstrates strong and proven ability to manage projects from conception to successful completion.
Chief Operating Officer
Enthusiastic, dedicated and talented in business operation. He has experience of facilitating multi-cultural business operations. He is also a facilitator, helping organizations to look at leadership development, teamwork and individual communication mentoring performance. He has work together with several organizations and helped develop strategies for operations and human capital development.
Chief Financial Officer
Honest, trusted and strong interpersonal with vast experience in finance, strategic solutions and implementation. He has facilitated numerous companies to turnaround His role includes business expansion, acquisition and valuation. He has vast experience in managing the corporation financial risks, financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to higher management.
Project Consultant
Energetic and focused in delivering results with experiences in working with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. He has done many roles to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations. He is knowledgeable with multiple programming languages and frameworks.
Program Consultant
Reliable and passionate in application development. She has experiences in accomplishes project requirements by coaching programmers and communicating project status to client. She has meets information standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; identifying work process improvements; implementing new technology to the corporation.